Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta

The world's northernmost Ice hotel is situated in beautiful nature by the banks of the Alta River, 15 kilometres outside the Alta in the Finnmark region (north-eastern Norway). It is approximately 250 km from the North Cape. The 2000 square meter hotel has 18 bedrooms and 2 suites, amenities, an Ice Bar, a Chapel, and an impressive ice gallery. Hotel decorated by beautifully illuminated ice art and sculptures.

Rooms of Igloo hotel keep a constant temperature from -4°C to -7°C. Guests sleep in cosy sleeping bags on authentic, traditional reindeer fur. Bathroom locates in warm wooden building just next to the hotel. You can enjoy by warming up in the sauna or in outside bubbling hot tub.


Breakfast will be served in Lakesestua Restaurant which located next to the Igloo. Restaurant made from wood in the shape of a tepee.


Ice Bar serves one drink only, bright blue vodka in glasses made of ice. Lakesestua Restaurant serves also seasonal food, made by using ingredients that are naturally available at that time of the year. You will enjoy your fresh and delicious meal.

      Hotel Facilities

  • 18 DBL/SNGL rooms
  • 2 suites
  • Sauna
  • Outside Jacuzzi
  • Ice Bar
  • Snow Chapel
  • Ice Gallery



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