Activities in Rovaniemi Arctic Snow Hotel

A day visit to the Snow World

The Arctic SnowHotel with its Snow Restaurant and outdoors activities is an excellent destination that offers memorable experiences also for those paying a day visit.

For a small extra fee children can experience the joy of snowmobiling safely on a short, supervised track. There are also different kinds of playgrounds and a slide for all who want to enjoy winter outdoors.

The fee for one day is 6 euros per person.


We take a trip together into wintry nature. We enjoy the peace and quiet, listen to the faint sounds of the forest, and visit the place where they once found the oldest wooden artifact in the Nordic countries: the moose head of Lehtojärvi dating back 8,000 years. We also hear a story of how the moose head was found.

Snow sculpturing
Let your imagination fly and seize the snow as a sculpturing material! Each sculpture is photographed and placed on our web site so that you and everyone else can admire your work of art afterward.

Reindeer riding

Try out the traditional Lappish means of transportation in a sleigh pulled by Rudolph himself. Giddy up boy!


Ice fishing

The adjacent Lake Lehtojärvi has a little something in store for you: sander, perch, whitefish, and the giant pike that quite often gets away in fishermen's stories. Think the hole you drilled is big enough?

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